Today Customers Are In Charge Demanding 'Digital First But Not Digital Only' Experiences
Today Data & Analytics Drive Everything
Maintaining Competitive Edge Requires Constantly Adding New, Innovative But Reliable Solutions
That Enhances Your Team To Help You Win 

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Customer Results - Because Results Matter

In an era where Customers are in charge demanding ever better ‘digital first but not digital only’ multichannel experiences, data and analytics drive everything, innovations are continuous, positive predictable outcomes are your only acceptable results and you need innovators to address the challenges you face.

We help businesses maximize revenues, profits and competitive edge by improving multi-channel, ‘digital first but not digital only’ solutions to deliver evangelizing customers, employees and business partners

We focus on positive outcomes and results, nothing else matters

We focus on data and analytics driven, multi-channel ‘digital first but not digital only’ customer experiences applying innovations and proven solutions

We focus on innovative and new companies that complement your existing strategic platforms and service partners to deliver competitive edge

  We believe in team and have a global community of passionate experts and solutions providers delivering delivering results and knowledge 

We accelerate growth for innovative services and technology solution providers

We are committed – everyone shares in our new, efficient operating model including our incentives based commercial model 

Customer Focused

Today Customers Are In Charge Demanding 'Digital First But Not Digital Only' Multichannel Experiences

Customers have taken control. If you do not provide the world class experiences, transactions, journeys and even lifetime relationships you will lose.

Digital is driving this, with websites, mobile web, mobile apps, social media, messaging (email, chat, video, collaboration) and now wearables, attachables, injectables and ‘things’ in a world of IOT/IOE, complemented by virtual and augmented reality and the newest revolution of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

But real Customers demand “digital but not digital only’ experiences. Experiences that are effective, easy to use and emotionally resonate to create lasting relationships.

To achieve that they still need to meet with and talk to your employees as field personnel, stores, kiosks, contact centers. And whether people or digital business is increasingly complex almost invariably involving business partners as well as your own people.

We are obsessed about helping our clients deliver real results in this exciting and frightening multichannel, multiparty world.  

Data & Analytics Obsessed

Deep & Comprehensive Data And Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics & Insights Drive Today's Digital Operating Model (DOM)

If your business is not increasingly data and analytics driven your business will die.

You need to combine deep internal data across your digital and non-digital interaction channels with external data from the outside world, (from your business partners and from commercial and governmental sources) to develop deep insights about your Customers (and Business Partners and Employees) supported by a world class ‘customer infrastructure or CRM system that manages end to end experiences, journeys and long term loyalty and relationships

You need to understand how the insights change your understanding of your Customer Personas and Journeys and your business model.

To misquote Mark Twain “it ain’t what you know that will kill you, it ain’t what you don’t know, it’s what you know that ain’t so”

This new Digital Operating Model (but not digital only) will deliver laser focused, targeted, personalized experiences that are required to maximize your competitive strength

We are obsessed about helping our clients capture the competitive promise and operational improvement opportunities that multichannel, customer focused data and analytics driven models offer today

It Takes A New Team

Big Is Not Always Beautiful. Success Requires Additional, Complementary Solutions, Specialists With Added Tools

We hear it everyday. How are we using the startup economy? Are we Agile enough?  Are we challenging our comfort zone?  Failure to leverage smaller specialists, startups and innovators will damage your business.

Industry technology giants once consider innovative startups themselves and the largest service providers are expanding and growing by acquiring and partnering with specialist platforms and services companies,

Our focus is on helping these smaller, innovative solutions and services providers gather together and engage them with clients who need them.

Companies and clients that share our passion with data and analytics driven digital first but not digital only experiences. The Customer Results Experience Advocacy Network

Small companies but not small approaches. The best new and proven approaches including Design Thinking, Collaborative GroupThink, Journey Mapping, Personas and Behavioral Modelling, Metrics Based Assessments and Comparative Benchmarking, Heuristic Diagnostics, Hypothesis Modelling, Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery ad proven Project & Program Management

All wrapped in a model of shared incentives and performance based rewards so that we all succeed (or fail) together.

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Our Service Areas

Strategy, Operations & Process

Journey Maps, Digital Strategy, Business & Technology, DigitaL Target Operating Models (DOM/TOM) Audits, Assessments, Platform & Service Provider Selection

Customer, Employee & Business Partner Experience

Effectivee, Easy & Emotionally Resonant Multichannel Digital First But Not Digital Only Expeiriences Driven By Data, Analytics and Innovation


Predictive & Prescriptive, Real Time Recommendations, Internal and External Data, Data Integration to Visualization & Insight to Action, Operations and Technologies

Digital & Business Integration & Process Orchestration

Orchestrating business process within and across enterprises, middleware synchronization or API enablement

Infrastructure & IT Operations

None of this works without a world class combination of public and private infrastructure and secure, reliable, agile operations and software delivery. IOT/IOE, Cloud, DevOps, Continuous Delivery – we can help.


Staying current with the latest digital and business innovations, Virtual & Augmented Reality, 3 Printing, Wearable / Injectable, IOT / IOE, API’s, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics


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