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Customer Results' services utilizes a series of proven approaches, methods, analytics and tools (including but not limited to those depicted on this page) focused on delivering world class services to our clients.

Situational Analysis, Planning And Strategy

MultiChannel Customer Interaction Improvement Customer Results RadarSM
Map your current situation and performance against your desired performance, industry best practices and other companies you admire on 4 to 64 point scale providing a baseline against which to prepare your strategy and roadmap and to direct your benefits realization and business case work.
Business Case
Every initiative must be supported by a business case however high level or draft. This will document in tabular and graphical form the financial and resource costs and financial and operational benefits that success will deliver. Against this business case benefits realization can be tracked during execution
Project Prioritization.
Projects are prioritized against others in the organizational portfolio based on the Return On Investment (ROI), the Impact on the organization and also the Complexity of activities required to achieve the results. This will allow resources to be allocated to high return, high impact initiatives with low complexity (i.e. high likelihood of success).
Stakeholder Analysis
Understand the role of each of the key players in your organization and ensure that you do not miss any key stakeholders. A detailed stakeholder analysis will also evaluate their support for your initiatives and can even review public and private support and personal, political and economic motivations.
Voice Of The Customer (VOC)
Do you know what your customers are saying about you and how they value your various channels, by region and even by specific products. An analytic understanding of your customers perceptions is imperative in evaluating any customer facing expenditure.

Trust Analysis.
Trust issues between your employees, between your employees and your channel or production partners or even between your customers and your employees or channel partners reduce effectiveness. A trust analysis can help uncover some of these issues and resolve them to increase the organizational  success
Sales and Marketing Improvement
"No-one gets paid until someone sells something" and sales and marketing often absorb one third or more of an organization's costs. Using our analytics tools and our deep experience as sales leaders we help you review your sales and/or marketing capabilities and enhance them to maximize results and returns. And of course we can go on to help you execute whether you are a startup, a non-profit or a major corporation.

Service Improvement
How your customers are serviced and supported defines your success as much as the quality of your products. Using our analytics tools and our deep experience in service and support organizations we help companies improve centralized, contact center and field or store based service organizations and enhance customer satisfaction, reduce attrition, increase retention and improve profitability and outcomes.

Collaboration, Contact Optimization,  Enterprise Social
Selling To & Servicing to customers today is complex and requires multiple touchpoints including field personel, contact centers, internet and business partner channels in multiple countries or locations for in office or exterior personnel using many devices, static and mobile, and many media including interactive voice, text and video. Using our analytcis tools and deep experience in this arena we help companies improve their results from these channels and media

Solutions Selection & Solution Design

Solution Comparisons & Rankings
Solution options should be compared and ranked based on formal scoring mechanisms including business case realization, functional and capability fit analysis, provider stability and capability and any interdependence with other existing business components. This matrix should form the core of any RFP process
Workflow & Process Impacts..
It is critical to understand the operational and workflow impacts and financial impacts of various solution options and to communicate those to all key stakeholders for feedback and agreement.

Roadmap To Drive Benefits
The result of solution design must be a Roadmap which drives a Benefits Map which details when the required benefits will be realized, aligned with the business case and based on executing the best projects with the greatest likelihood of executing successfully.

Sales & Marketing Execution

Marketing Execution
Define and understand your target market, develop that market through calls, emails, social media, webinars, white papers and events, identify prospects and prime them for the formal sales cycle. We can provide marketing execution on a per campaign or a periodic basis. Fund campaign initiation, engage our sales services and pay us for results and we will fund marketing execution ourselves for you.
Sales Execution
Once the prospect is identified the real sales work begins. We will conduct the initial sales meeting and drive the sales process through to closure. We can help you eliminate the uncertainty experienced when launching new products or markets. We can initiate the sales  process and work with you forever or hand it back to you after  6 -12 months or more and even help you hire and train your own sales team.
Post Sale Relationship Management  .
The real relationship value is often developed after the sale. Customer Results will provide ongoing support and service to the customer in order to ensure their needs continue to be met as our solutions develop and evolve.


Project & Program Execution

Execution Dashboards To Provide Easily Understood Status.
Project & Program Managers need to produce easily understood dashboards to ensure all stakeholders maintain a thorough understanding of project and program progress and can make appropriate adjustments in schedule, resources, budget or benefits realization expectations.
Benefits Realization Tracking
The Roadmap and Benefits Map are living documents which are updated as the project progresses allowing constant alignment and adjustment of stakeholder expectations eliminating surprises.

Responsibility Maps
Responsibility Maps (RACI charts) keep everyone focused on their specific activities and ensure that the work get completed,. RACI charts should be structured to give different views to different participants for example showing project level ownership on one view and task level ownership within projects on other views.